Al-Bustan Mall, 18 Youssef El Gendy Street, 3rd floor.


Nasr City - Techno Mall

Mustafa El Nahas street – 4th floor – Number 416.


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What are the locations of Al-Sahaba branches


  • Downtown Branch: Al-Bustan Mall - 18 Youssef El Gendy Street - 3rd floor.
  • Nasr City Branch: Techno Mall - Mustafa El Nahas Street - Next to El-Sarag Mall - 4th floor - Number 604.

What is the phone no ?

"01208387777 is the voice service number through which you can contact customer service, sales, and branches."

"Do I have to go to the branches to buy Al-Sahaba products?"

"You can buy Al-Sahaba products from their branches or through their online store if available. You can check their website or call their customer service number to learn more about how to purchase the products."


"What is the warranty period for Al-Sahaba devices?"

"The warranty period for Al-Sahaba devices is three months. You can also extend the warranty period for your device to three, six, or twelve months as desired."

"Are Al-Sahaba devices new or used?"

The Sahabah offers imported devices that are used but in the same condition as new devices. We import first-class devices from companies and individuals in excellent condition, which has made the Sahabah a pioneer in the field of importing for more than ten years. We also offer second-class devices in very good condition at lower prices.

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