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ALIENWARE M17 R3 GAMING LAPTOP Intel Core I7-10750H 16GB Ram 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super 8GB 17.3″ Inch FHD 300HZ

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ALIENWARE M17 R3 GAMING LAPTOP, Intel Core i7-10750H, 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB DDR6, 17.3″ Inch, FHD, 300HZ, Laptop,


Weighing in as low as 5.51 lbs and under 22mm, the new Alienware m17 combines laptop portability with maximum-performance graphics.
For gamers who are looking to prioritize performance without sacrificing thinness, the m17’s premium magnesium alloy materials deliver weight savings while reducing thickness.
This generation of Alienware m17 includes an improved surface coating engineered to reduce fingerprint smearing and other typical stains without changing the hue or color.
This stain-resistant solution is a High-Performance Clear Coat – a formula that lets you feel the cold and durable magnesium alloy within our award-winning high-contrast color strategy.
Available in Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon.

Power reborn:

With up to 10th gen Intel Core i9K processors enabling up to 8-cores and 16-threads of multi-threaded performance, the new Alienware m17 goes beyond its predecessor.


Advanced Alienware Cryo-Tech, is an engineering approach where an Alienware system’s gaming performance is never compromised using electrical and mechanical methods while maintaining system stability during the highest performance states.
This is managed using methods, not limited to, heat dissipation through creative thermal module designs, fan, and fan motor design, as well as exhaust and intake layouts and overall airflow impedance. In addition, the new m17 offers improved airflow by directly channeling the cooler air onto the most sensitive cores of the system with 66mm diameter fan blades with 53% more CPU fan blades and 25% more GPU fan blades.
With all the latest engineering enhancements, you can expect increased power efficiency and higher speeds for longer sustained periods.
Here’s a closer look at our innovative cooling solution.

Vapor Chamber Technology:

Alienware’s new Vapor Chamber Technology uses advanced methods to efficiently dissipate heat.
The new Alienware m17 is engineered with a dedicated vapor chamber in between the CPU and copper heat pipes.
It’s all designed to manage the thermal flow and maximize performance.
These chambers utilize the phase-changing nature of liquid to transfer heat more effectively than a solid piece of metal or copper heat pipes.
Vapor Chambers are also more versatile than copper heat pipes in that they can be designed to be spread evenly across an entire chip that needs to be cooled.
These CPU vapor chambers are only available in configurations that feature NVIDIA GeForce RTX and GTX graphics (GPUs).

Dual-intake, dual-exhaust airflow design: 

Our thin and light chassis prioritizes performance with a dual fan design that pulls in cool air from the top and bottom vents and exhales exhaust out the rear and side vents for optimal cooling of the core components.

High voltage driving fan:

The fire-resistant, Kevlar-like liquid-crystal polymer fan blades include sleeve bearings, and 3-phase fan control to create less friction and circulate air more efficiently.
There are now 132 unique fan blades to cool both the CPU and GPU.

Load-balancing heat pipes:

The dynamics of thermal activity across critical components like the GPU and the CPU are intelligently discharged across four 3.5mm diameter copper-composite heat pipes.

Dense copper fin stacks:

The new m17 has the greatest amount of copper material by weight to the previous m17 by 35% and provides more heat dissipation to core components than the previous m17.
The new m17 has also increased the size of its heat pipes by 40% to increase overall surface area and heat dissipation.


Hyper-Efficient Voltage Regulation is the result of hardware engineering that enables graphics and/or processors to run at their highest levels of performance for extended lengths of time.
By raising the number of voltage regulation phases we can deliver a clean and efficient power signal thereby improving thermal efficiency as well.
efficiency and thermal efficiency per core. The higher efficiency level results in the capacity for increased workloads over time with reduced energy loss to heat.

The graphics side story:

An industry first, the m17 features unparalleled 12-phase graphics voltage regulation on configurations featuring the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or higher to enable the highest performance possible for the longest time ever possible.
Our high-end graphics options now offer up to a 50% increase in voltage regulation phases to create our most efficient 17″ design in Alienware history.
For AMD Radeon graphics fans we are debuting the AMD Radeon™ RX 5500M graphics option to the Alienware m17 and featuring 10-phase graphics voltage regulation architecture – an Alienware exclusive.

The processor story:

Achieve up to 6-phase voltage regulation on configurations with an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card for higher-performance gaming for longer periods.
And with 25% larger CPU inductors, top-end performance is increased even further. The NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 2080 Super also includes a 4mm CPU inductor to take things to the next level. Configurations based on any other graphics options will be based on 4-phase graphics voltage regulation and 4-phase processor voltage regulation.


The new Alienware m17 comes standard with an exceptional 144Hz 9ms FHD display, 72% color gamut, and 300-nits brightness – a visual upgrade that raises the bar on what can be considered “standard”. Despite its thin, lightweight frame, the m17 boasts a commanding 17.3″ screen and rapid refresh rate options.

Uninterrupted gaming:

This is our fastest panel to date offering smooth high-speed motion graphics and an sRGB 100% color gamut rating for a richer color range than most laptops.
For gamers who prioritize blazing-fast gameplay, the Alienware m17 offers a 300Hz 300nits 3ms FHD panel option.

Reduced blue light emissions: 

The laptop reduces blue light rays with a unique technology that lowers the exposure to high-energy visible light to keep you deep in the game without reducing image quality.
Available on the 144Hz panel.

Bring the game to life:

Experience WVA UHD 4K 25ms 500 nits UHD panel option with Adobe100 color gamut on a 17.3″ platform.
It offers the highest contrast ratio on the Alienware m17 with 1500:1 and provides the best color gamut of Adobe RGB 100%. Featuring a slow 25ms response time and 60Hz.
Ideal for gamers that prioritize high resolution and vibrant colors over speed.



Dual SSDs:

Alienware m17 offers optional RAID 0 (Dual SSD Stripe) configurations.
This means the two drives are recognized as a single large drive, maximizing transfer rates and enabling maximum storage and performance.

Rapid connectivity:

Killer Doubleshot™ Pro technology enables intelligent management of internet traffic by using both wired and wireless connections in tandem to prioritize packets.
Killer technology will automatically identify latency-sensitive gaming and voice traffic and send it over the fastest interface.
This new technology is made possible by combing Killer 2.5Gbps E3000 Wired Networking Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2×2) and Bluetooth 5.0.


Ready for everything:

Expand your world with our newly added media card reader.
The new slot uses a push-push Micro-SD slot supporting UHS-II HD312 media.

Improved keyboard:

The incredibly responsive keyboard features 1.7mm travel with optional 4-zone RGB N-Key rollover and anti-ghosting technology.
For an even more customizable option, upgrade to the premium keyboard with per-key Alien FX lighting

Premium touchpad: 

A precision-point glass touchpad provides a high-quality gaming experience you can feel.


Next-gen Tobii eye tracking adds a completely new form of immersion to your game.
Smaller sensors with wake capabilities enable features and sensitivity to track head pose, presence, fine gaze, and eye position.

Enhanced interactions:

UI elements fade when not make eye contact so you can get deeper into the game.
Characters know when you’re looking at them and will respond accordingly.

New tracking tools:

Learn, train, and improve using eye-tracking-enabled tools designed to measure your mini-map awareness and help you learn when to pay attention to the clock.

Software support:

Show viewers where you’re looking while streaming your favorite game.
Tobii Ghost software supports all major streaming platforms and software.


Toggle between visualizations like heatmaps, shadows, and spotlights using our extension.
You no longer need to move your mouse to show viewers what you’re talking about, just glance at it.



Create profiles designated for power, thermal management, sound, lighting, macros, and more. Link a profile to a game and its settings will automatically apply whenever the game is launched, no matter where it’s launched from.


The new Alienware Command Center includes an easy and intuitive overclocking control module that allows the user to quickly and safely squeeze additional performance out of their system.
Create your system overclocking profiles, then easily control their system performance.


The latest AlienFX hardware and software supports full RGB values with up to 16.8 million colors.
Easily manage your FX lighting zones, edit peripheral settings, and save new themes you can then assign for each game.

The Alienware Command Center is continuously updated.
Our latest version now includes features specifically desired by the gaming community with auto-tuned game profiles, a new responsive UI, intuitive overclocking options, and all-new AlienFX settings.


Dynamic doesn’t begin to describe this duo.
Together, Windows 11 and Dell PCs create a best-in-class experience.
A fresh perspective.
An inspiring new look and feel make for a calmer experience.
Balance your life.
Refocus your workflow with a snap assistant.
Or Switch between desktops for greater organization of open windows.
Life’s better together.
Call, chat, and make plans come to life with Teams on Windows 11* right from your PC regardless of what computer or phone, or tablet they are on.



1. MicroSD 5.1, UHD-II HD312 Card Reader | 2. USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A (2) | 3. HDMI 2.0b with HDCP 2.2 Output | 4. Mini-Display Port 1.4 Output | 5. Thunderbolt™ 3 Port | 6. Alienware Graphics Amplifier Port | 7. Power/DC-In Port | 8. Noble Lock port (cable and lock sold separately) | 9. Killer™ Networks E3000 Gigabit Ethernet NIC | 10. USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A with Powershare Technology | 11. Audio Out 0.125″ Port (Compatible with inline mic headset)


1. Height (Front): 0.6618″ (16.9mm) | Height (Peak): 0.87″ (22mm) | Height (Rear): 0.8154″ (20.71mm) | 2. Width: 15.74″ (399.8mm) | 3. Depth: 11.585″ (294.26mm)
Maximum Weight: 6.55lbs (2.97Kgs) | Lowest Weight: 5.51lbs (2.50Kgs).

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