Dell Latitude 5450 Intel Core I5-5500 8GB Ram 256GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 5500 14″Inch

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Cache Memory

Memory Size

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Memory Technology

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Hard Disk Capacity

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Hard Disk Number

Graphic Card

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Display Resolution

wws الصحابة اضغط هنا للمساعدة واتس اب


Dell Latitude 5450 Laptop

Dell, Latitude E5450, Intel Core I5-5500, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 5500, 14″ Inch, Laptop,


Built for work. Designed to impress :

The Latitude 14 5000 Series offers a fully-featured, premium mobile experience to meet the needs of any business-class professional. The sleek new design is Dell’s thinnest and lightest 14.0-inch mainstream laptop yet, built with enhanced materials for outstanding durability. This business-class mobile workhorse is designed to keep end-users productive, offering more options of ports, storage, and connectivity than any other Latitude, while maintaining the promise of the world’s most secure and manageable laptop with outstanding reliability.   It’s also well-equipped with a portfolio of essential accessories for ultimate on-the-go or at-the-desk productivity with E-family docking and backed by 24/7 access to enterprise-class support including optional Dell ProSupport.



Dell Latitude 5450 Laptop

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